C&S Executive

Glenn Donahoo - president

Email: president@monashclubs.org

Glenn is a fifth year Science/Engineering student, majoring in Civil Engineering and Astrophysics. While not studying, he can be found indulging in his love of football. Glenn also has a dog because he thinks cats are evil.

Georgia Samuel- vice president

Email: vp@monashclubs.org

Joshua Hanegbi - Treasurer

Email: treasurer@monashclubs.org

Josh is a fifth year Law and Engineering student, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. When he isn't cheerfully filling out grants, he can be found frolicking around with his two cats, happy in the knowledge that his choice of pet is the correct one. 

Fergus Calwell - secretary

Email: secretary@monashclubs.org

Patrick Callanan - general representative

Email: patrick.callanan@monashclubs.org

Debbie clark - general representative

Email: debbie.clark@monashclubs.org

Abdulah hamimi - general representative

Email: abdulah.hamimi@monashclubs.org

Liam Perera - general representative

Email: liam.perera@monashclubs.org

James Whitehead - general representative

Email: james.whitehead@monashclubs.org