C&S Executive

JoShua hanegbi - president

Email: president@monashclubs.org

Josh is a fifth year Law and Engineering student, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. When he isn't cheerfully filling out grants, he can be found frolicking around with his two cats, happy in the knowledge that his choice of pet is the correct one. 

Georgia Samuel- vice president

Email: vp@monashclubs.org

bahe balamaheswaran - Treasurer

Email: treasurer@monashclubs.org

Bahe is a second year Commerce and Law student, majoring in Economics. In his spare time, Bahe enjoys processing club grants, helping club office bearers and sleeping on the couches of the C&S office. Bahe rates basketball, dogs, the combination of coco pops and rice bubbles (it tastes phenomenal), C&S grants and memes. Bahe hates cats. 

Priyanka arora - secretary

Email: secretary@monashclubs.org

Priyanka is currently in her third year studying Arts, doing a double major in International Studies and Communication and Media Studies. In her spare time, she's always travelling and exploring everything adventure related. 

alexander bourikas - general representative

Email: alexander.bourikas@monashclubs.org

Alex is a 3rd year Information Technology student who has spent time working in the finance industry on cybersecurity and software development, and has decided to surrender any freedom he had over his unit choices by doing a double major in both.

Alex is also a 2nd term president of the video games club on campus, though his committee will swear to you they've never actually seen him play any games.

In his spare time he likes to read minutes and write regulations. Alex is the chairperson of Australian Collegiate Esports, an Australian not for profit company which works to better the video game and Esports scene within higher education communities around Australia.

When he's not working himself into an early grave, Alex can be found at home watching (low quality) Netflix shows, purchasing (average quality at best) stamps from amazon, or at the shooting range trying to beat his personal best (its highly dubious whether his aim is getting any better).

Kevin chen - general representative

Email: kevin.chen@monashclubs.org

If you ever see Kevin on campus, he is either procrastinating in class or getting involved in some club activities. As a Mechatronics Engineering / Commerce student, he has the ability to engineer a way out of a tough spot and therefore feel free to consult him on anything that is unrelated to fashion tastes. 

maiher chopra - general representative

Email: maiher.chopra@monashclubs.org

Maiher is a forth year Engineering and Commerce student, majoring in Mechatronics and Marketing. He is an avid fan of games, whether it be board, card or tabletop, and is always up for one. 

Hadi Saab - general representative

Email: hadi.saab@monashclubs.org

James Whitehead - general representative

Email: james.whitehead@monashclubs.org