C&S Executive

Glenn Donahoo - president

Email: president@monashclubs.org

Glenn is a fourth year Science/Engineering student, majoring in Civil Engineering and Astrophysics. While not studying and being a slave to the MSA, he can be found indulging in his love of football. Glenn also has a dog because he thinks cats are evil.

James Whitehead - vice president

Email: vp@monashclubs.org

After a year and a half of testing the waters of civil engineering, advertising, health information management and clinical coding over three different universities, James has finally decided to settle down at Monash (probably) to study Science. A true renaissance man, James has tried to study almost every subject known to man. Hailing from the Students' Neuroscience and Psychology Society, James has a neutral disposition to cats. If you see a motorcycle helmet or longboard in the office, then James won't be far away.

Chris Ziros - treasurer

Email: treasurer@monashclubs.org

patrick callanan - secretary

Email: secretary@monashclubs.org

Shreeya Luthra - general representative

Email: shreeya.luthra@monashclubs.org

Shreeya is a second year science student, dabbling in uni culture by signing up to every club she can get her hands on. When not stressing about the new impending responsibilities of adulthood, Shreeya likes to kick back and relax in Lawbry, because being in a library is the same as studying, right? She is passionate about dogs.

tricia ong - general representative

Email: tricia.ong@monashclubs.org

Phyllis Pan - general representative

Email: phyllis.pan@monashclubs.org

Phyllis is a Commerce/Economics student who dreams of putting her obsessive-compulsive tendencies to good use as an accountant. She spends most of her time correcting people's grammar and punctuation (including her own), reminiscing about her time as the Treasurer of the anime club, and training to be a Pok√©mon Master. She adores cats, despite being allergic to them.

Lucina togno - general representative

Email: lucina.togno@monashclubs.org

Lucina is a fifth year Science and Engineering student studying Electrical Engineering, Maths, and Computer Science. When not spending her time wrangling the Electrical Engineering Society she enjoys growing her hair in order to fulfil her childhood dream of becoming Rapunzel. Lucina thinks kittens are cute but full grown cats intimidate her, ultimately she prefers dogs.

Carmen Wu - general representative

Email: carmen.wu@monashclubs.org