Role Players (MURP)



Monash University Role Players (MURP) is a Clubs & Societies affiliate at Monash University. Birthed in the November of 1981 (or thereabouts), in the last 30 odd years we've attended, run and written for Conventions, hosted weekend camps, run seminars, movie nights and midnight-to-dawn lasertag games, organised bbqs, produced magazines and published books of scenarios.

Oh yeah, and roleplayed.

We meet regularly every Thursday at 6pm. Join today!

Aims & Objectives

The aims and objectives of MURP shall be to:
i) introduce students to roleplaying;
ii) encourage the hobby of role playing and provide the facilities for club members to role play;
iii) encourage co-operation between MURP and other Victorian role playing clubs; and
iv) encourage social interaction among club members

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Samara Roberts

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