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2019 Orientation Festival Information

Posted by Clubs & Societies on 26 November 2018


The 2019 Orientation Festival will take place from Monday 25th February to Thursday 28th February with Clubs Day on Wednesday 6th March on the Lemon Scented Lawns between 11am and 3pm each day.

Clubs are now able to complete the registration process to participate in the 2019 Orientation Festival.

C&S is hoping to build on the sucesses of the 2018 Orientation Festival and we encourage all clubs to set a goal of growing membership numbers from 2019.


Registrations can be made through the Club Portal by the club Secretary and close on Friday 25th January 2019.



The club Secretary needs to login to the Club Portal using their student number and password. If the Secretary is unable to log into the Club Portal, they will need to contact the C&S Support Officer from their Monash student account.


Navigate to the Adminstration tab (top right hand corner of the page) and select your club. On the Club Profile page read the instructions and follow the link to the online registration form. Please ensure that you are also logged into the club's account. By logging in, you are able to view and update your registration if required.


Complete the registration form, filling in all the required information. Your club is encouraged to list all activities that it would like to undertake during the 2019 Orientation Festival, including if it would like to stage a performance.


  • All clubs wishing to participate in the 2019 Orientation Festival must complete the online registration form by Friday 25th January 2019.
  • Clubs that wish to attend the Orientation Festival must attend for all four days (Mon 25th - Thurs 28th inclusive). Clubs have the option to attend Clubs Day on 28th February. Failure to attend any of the days will incur the full marquee fee of $500 per day.
  • All clubs must attend a Compulsory Club Briefing at 10am on the first day of the Orientation Festival (Monday 25th Feb) as a condition of participation at the festival.
  • Under no circumstances are ANY clubs allowed to use chalk or paint on Monash University grounds. Any club found to be doing this will be removed from the festival and will be charged a cleaning fee.
  • Please ensure that your club lists all proposed activities it will be running on the day. Please clearly state if you are bringing along any equipment (Laptop, BBQ, etc).
  • Confirmation of your booking, along with site allocation, will occur by mid February 2019.
  • Clubs holding a BBQ must use a gas bottle supplied by the MSA. All other gas bottles are prohibited.
  • Clubs who elect to serve alcohol must attend a compulsory information session in January or February 2019, date TBC. If a club fails to attend the information session, and submit required documents by the due date, they will be prohibited from serving alcohol at the Orientation Festival.
  • Alcohol CANNOT be served before 12noon or after 3pm and must not be served in glass. Clubs who provide alcohol must provide a substantial amount of food and non-alcoholic beverages during those times.
  • All clubs will be allocated a powered site for the use of a single laptop free of charge. Clubs wishing to power any additional items (Cash Till, Speakers, etc) MUST have nominated this when completing the registration form (below) which will incur a cost of up to $50 per day. The following items are NOT PERMITTED without prior authorisation: Hot Water, Heating, Lighting, Fans, Fridges, Electric Stoves/Cookers and other items deemed unreasonable by JOG.
  • Clubs MUST remain at their stall until 3:00pm and must have vacated their site by 4:00pm.
  • Under NO circumstances are clubs permitted to bring sponsors/external organisations onto campus OR allow any student group not affiliated with C&S to have a physical presence at a club stall. Any club found to be doing this will be charged the sponsorship rate for the use of their site or may be ejected from the festival.
  • Clubs who wish to provide music at their site during the festival must keep the volume at a reasonable level as identified by the Event Manager. If the Event Manager or delegate notifies your club that your club is in breach of this level, you must turn the music down. Only two warnings will be issued, following that your music will no longer be permitted. If you do not comply with this your music will be confiscated and/or your site shut down.
  • The Event Manager reserves the right to revoke festival permits if a breach of Festival rules occurs. Festival Rules will be distributed on or before 19th February 2018. Failure to adhere to a request from a member of JOG may result in a being ejected from the festival for the remainder of the day on which the instruction was given, or for the reminder of the Orientation Festival, including Clubs Day.


  • Standard Site: 3m x 3m Marquee with 2 chairs and 1 trestle table.  
  • One power outlet which can only be used by a laptop. Additional power requirements will need to be paid for and noted in this form.
  • Sites must be left in a clean state at the end of each day of the festival.


Formal complaints during the Festival are registered with the Event Manager or delegate who will take down details and approach the club/organisation concerned. A meeting of JOG may be convened to discuss serious matters, or the club may be warned. When warned, a second similar infringement of festival regulations (detailed on site permits) may result in revocation of the permit. As organiser of the festival, the Event Manager has the decision-making authority to allocate and revoke site permits.