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C&S Council OGM 16/10/14

Posted by Louisa Ashton (C&S Secretary) on 25 September 2014

An Ordinary General Meeting of the C&S Council will be held on Thursday 16th October from 1:00pm till 3:00pm, in Lecture Theatre L3 (Law Building).

The main item of business will be the Misconduct Appeal Hearing regarding the deregistration of Creative Writers.

The agenda, including written submissions from the club office bearers and the C&S Executive, will be sent out before the meeting.

If you or your current proxies cannot attend, you can nominate any Ordinary Member (Clayton Student) of your club to be a proxy. If you cannot find anyone from your club to attend the meeting please submit a Council Apology in a timely manner before the meeting.

President Proxy Form.pdf

Council Apology Form.pdf