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Proposed changes to C&S Grants structure

Posted by Louisa Ashton (C&S President) on 03 November 2014

Proposed changes to C&S Grants structure

The following proposed changes were initially announced at the OGM held on 16 October 2014. Multiple recommendations were made to Executive by the C&S Treasurer about how the Division’s funds can be spent more efficiently. The reason for these changes is that C&S has just made its budget proposal for 2015 to the MSA Budget Committee, and needs to be able to show that it is using its funds in the fairest and most efficient way possible in order to justify asking for an increase in funding.

Clubs with any questions, concerns or suggestions are encouraged to email as soon as possible.

Changes to grant categories: Abolition of grant category “E”

Grant Category “E” was introduced several years ago in a year where C&S had an extremely large surplus and was running under budget. That is no longer the case in 2015. Changing the grant category sizes means that the money we do have allocated to us in the budget is more fairly distributed between clubs. Clubs large enough to have come under category “E” previously are generally much less dependent on grants from C&S in order to run activities compared to smaller clubs. The abolition of category “E” will also lead to a redistribution of category sizes.

Decrease in Administration Grant amount

Upon successful annual submission of their Registration Pack, clubs are eligible to receive an Administration Grant, which is intended for general costs such as printing. With the increase in electronic communication, these administration costs have decreased, and accordingly, we are proposing to decrease the amount provided to clubs in each grant category in order to enable those funds to be put towards other areas of our budget such as social functions, which goes towards club events.

Size Current Proposed
A $50 $50
B $100 $75
C $150 $100
D $200 $125
E $250 N/A


Changes to Camps and Conference grant regulations

The primary purpose of the Camp & Conference Grants is to subsidise attendance at those events. In an effort to decrease our spending on camps and conference grants, we are proposing to change the rules surrounding these grants to ensure that they are actually used as a subsidy. To achieve this, clubs will not be permitted to make a profit on Camp Grants, which already applies to Conference/Competition/Convention Grants. An application process will also be implemented, so that before a grant is approved, a club has to submit a proposed budget to be reviewed by the C&S Treasurer to ensure that funds are being used efficiently.

Increase in minimum club size

Currently, the minimum number of Clayton student members in an affiliated club is 20. We feel that, on a campus with 20,000 students, a club that can only engage 20 students is too small to justify receiving the $2000 grant allowance currently available to category “A” clubs. The minimum club size is currently under review, and an increase to 40 students has been proposed. Submissions from clubs that will be affected will be considered before finalising this change. Clubs that feel they would struggle to get 40 members are urged to contact as soon as possible with their thoughts about any potential options. No changes to the minimum attendance requirements at an event are proposed.

Again, feedback on these changes from clubs is absolutely encouraged. Please feel free to contact the C&S President with any thoughts or suggestions, even if it’s just to say you’d be interested in having a chat about it after you’ve finished exams.

Louisa Ashton
Clubs & Societies Council