change of office bearers & signatories

To update your club’s list of office bearers please read the instructions below thoroughly and complete the requested tasks in a timely manner.  It is important to remember that C&S must be informed of your clubs 'Top Four' at all times.  If your club holds a by-election for any of the 'Top Four' before AGM's, your club must re-submit the Club Office Bearer List and Change of Bank Signatories Form. 

The below requested information should be submitted within 2 weeks of the election of your incoming office bearers.   


Change of Club Office Bearers/Election Pack.pdf
(including Club Office Bearer List and Change of Signatories Form)

steps required 

Step 1:  Review the Change of Office Bearers/Elections Pack, making note of the handy checklist that has been included within this particular document. 

Step 2: Gather together the following supporting documentation: 

  • Minutes from your quorate Annual General Meeting (or General Meeting where by-elections have occurred for your Pres/VP/Sec/Treas). Ensure that all elections are held in accordance with your clubs constitution and requirements outlined by C&S.
  • A motion in the minutes authorising the new signatories (Pres/Sec/Treas or Pres/VP/Treas) of the club bank account (see example directly below).

    'That Lilly Smith (President), James Xu (Secretary) and Nat Miller (Treasurer) be the new authorised signatories of the club bank account.'
    Moved:  Kristin Brown 
    Seconded:  Suse Tassie 
    Motion CARRIED Unanimously
  • A copy of the official C&S Attendance Form, indicating attendance at the meeting.  This document may come in the form of the attendance list which is created via the C&S Membership Portal or alternatively clubs may submit the Excel attendance list which has been compiled by the C&S Returning Officer. 
  • A motion in the minutes naming the new Authorised Contact Person for the club to the Australian Tax Office (see example directly below). The CDO is usually a second contact person for every club. If your committee has a problem with this, please speak to a member of the C&S Staff.

    'That Nat Miller be the new Authorised Contact Person for the Australian Tax Office' 
    Moved:  Kristin Brown 
    Seconded:  Suse Tassie
    Motion CARRIED Unanimously

This information will accompany the Club Office Bearer List and Change of Bank Signatories Form, which is explained further below. 

Step 3:  Complete the Club Office Bearer List and Change of Bank Signatories Form. This form is used to update the C&S records related to the Club Executives 

Step 4:  Submit the above requested information to C&S via email  A member of the staff will acknowledge the receipt of your documentation and will provide further information to all club Executives following the processing of all details. 

what happens next 

With C&S staff working remotely (from home) and the Monash University branches of Westpac and Commonwealth Bank closed, there are temporary procedures in place for updating bank signatories.  It is not mandatory for any clubs to update their signatories at this time but clubs may opt to do this by referring to the guidelines which cover the bank specific procedures.  This information can be obtained from the C&S staff.     

important Things to consider


This is the minimum amount of Ordinary Members (Clayton Students) that must attend a General Meeting so it can make decisions, such as electing a new club committee.  For any General Meeting, quorum will be 15 Ordinary Members or 10% of Ordinary Members, which ever is greater**.  The Secretary shall calculate quorum by viewing the Membership Register, which they are responsible for keeping up-to-date. Please see your clubs constitution regarding running a General Meeting.

Clubs will not be required to adhere to the quorum requirement of 15 ordinary members, however will be required to have at least 5 ordinary members, or 10% of the club's ordinary members up to a maximum of 50, whichever is greater.