ALP (Labor) Club



If you're studying at Monash and hold an interest in the Australian Labor Party, or want to know more, then we strongly encourage you to join. The club is full of students with a keen interest in progressive politics, and engages in activism around various issues, including marriage equality, climate change, asylum seekers, youth wages and other issues affecting students. We hold a range of events throughout the year, including social events, training and educational events, and forums with ALP candidates or members.

Aims & Objectives

-To support and publicize the Platform, principles and policies of the Australian Labor Party
-To encourage support for the ALP among the students and staff of Monash University
-To provide a mutual meeting place for discussion for ALP supporters on campus
-To promote the ALP and its policies by means of visiting speakers, forums, discussions and publications
-To encourage, organise and mobilize students and staff to participate in electoral activities on and off campus, particularly when an election is imminent

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