African Society, Monash



The Monash African Society is a club for people who have an African background or for those who are generally interested in the culture. Running both social and informative events throughout the year, we are connecting Africans around Monash.

E-mail or shoot us a message on Facebook if you're interested in joining!

Aims & Objectives

The purpose of the Club is to advance the education of the students of Monash University by—

(1) Fostering knowledge and involvement in African culture through recreational activities, cultural showcases, information sessions and voluntary events of communal benefit;

(2) Providing a forum for cross-cultural dialogue and representation to further promote cultural diversity and tolerance at Monash;

(3) Offering students opportunities to spread awareness and involvement on both local and international African issues and affairs;

(4) Providing students with a platform to showcase and celebrate their accomplishments and talents to a wider audience; and

(5) Establishing a diverse community in which students who identify with and appreciate the African diaspora can socialise, educate and network.

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