Business & Commerce Students Society (BCSS)



The Business and Commerce Students’ Society (BCSS) is one of the premier student societies at Monash University. We are committed to ensuring our members enjoy a smooth transition from high school to university, and ultimately into rewarding employment. With thriving operations at Clayton and Caulfield, the BCSS has a proud history of providing outstanding social and professional services to our members and other stakeholders. We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about the social and careers services offered by your BCSS.

Aims & Objectives

(1) Assisting students in their transition from secondary school to university and then into rewarding employment.

(2) Involving members in matters of general concern and interest to the Association and encouraging positive relationships between the Association and relevant professions.

(3) Organising social and professional activities for the benefit of the members.

(4) Providing a forum for the students of the Faculty of Business and Economics to express their opinion as a group.

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