Biological Society, Monash University



The Biological Society is a student-run organisation that provides a relaxed, friendly environment in which students can deepen their appreciation of biological sciences.

We also run a variety of career-orientated events throughout the year that provide students with networking opportunities, allowing them to meet with industry professionals and learn about a variety of career paths.

Lastly, we provide a welcoming environment in which students can meet likeminded people. We host numerous social events including BBQs, movie nights, and our annual trivia night towards the end of the year!

You don’t need to be studying biology to join the Biological Society, just have an appreciation for living things!

Aims & Objectives

(i) Promote interest in the biological science disciplines;
(ii) Provide opportunities to expand students understanding of all
aspects of biology through field trips, conferences with key speakers
and career seminars;
(iii) Facilitate and encourage intellectual and social exchange between
(iv) Facilitate and actively encourage biological science students to
participate in voluntary activities relating to the biological science
(v) Support the continued involvement of students in maintaining Jock
Marshall Reserve at the Monash University Clayton Campus; and
(vi) Provide a social network between Monash University, biological
science undergraduates, honours and postgraduate students,
alumni, faculty members and related industry bodies.

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