Biomedical Society, Monash



Monash Biomedical Science Society - We're into experimentation.

We're all about making your move into uni life as smooth and effortless as laminar blood flow. We run social events for you to let loose, and academic events for the reports back to mum, dad and the boss.

Members get free a free t-shirt and cheaper event tickets all throughout the year. Food is served at all academic events, at launches and monthly bbqs.

Aims & Objectives

(i) provide a forum for discussion amongst students of the Biomedical Science course, on topics of interest within the Biomedical field;

(ii) provide a communication link between students of the Biomedical Science course and appropriate lecturing/demonstrating staff as a place where queries, problems or general communication can be directed;

(iii) provide elected representatives from the student body to liase with course convenors to enable any problems with the course to be discussed and dealt with promptly;

(iv) encourage Biomedical Science students to take an active role in the continual improvement of the Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences course;

(v) provide assistance to new students within the Biomedical Sciences Course;

(vi) encourage Biomedical Science students to interact not only on an educational basis, but on a social basis also, by providing functions for them to attend;

(vii) establish communication channels between Biomedical Science students and other health science students and professionals; and

(viii) provide information on possible areas and places of employment to students nearing completion of the Bachelor of Biomedical Science, and to provide a link between students and industry professionals in the form of workshops and similar venues.

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