Buddhist Society, Monash



Monash Buddhist Society is a club aimed at helping Monash students to manage and take care of their mental states and emotions.

We warmly welcome everyone interested in Buddhism to join us!

Aims & Objectives

- Mindfulness and Meditation
We discuss and practice, together with monks, nuns and experts the benefits, the techniques and the experiences of Mindfulness and Meditation.

- Improve studying-focus
we consider the mental well being and the ability to control our mind in order to address our focus on what we choose, in particular on studying

- Find like-minded friends
All the people in our club share the common interest to improve themself and help other to live a better life

-Dharma talks
We invite monks, nuns and Buddhist experts to have dharma talks and share their thoughts and experiences regarding life and important questions

-On and off-campus activities
We organise meetings among students, celebrations during Buddhist holidays, volunteering to temples and many other activities

- Find happiness
We focus on the fundamental question of our life: how can we live a happy life?

- Have fun :)
We set a friendly and relaxed environment in which you can be yourself and, why not, have fun :)

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Ravindu (President)