MCC Commander League

MCC Commander League

The Monash Card Collective will be running a Magic the Gathering Commander League Tournament.

This tournament will run over the entire semester starting from week 2 till week 12. There will be a total of 8 rounds.

Players will be expected to create a 100 Card singleton deck (each card must be unique, except for basic lands) featuring a Commander (Legendary Creature) to lead their deck.

Since most members are university students the club will allow proxies (or clearly identified non-real) cards.

Each player will then play against a 2-3 random opponents earning points based on their placement in a match, as well as by completing global objectives (announced at the beginning of a round to all players) as well as their own secret objectives. 

For an additional questions, do not hesitate to contact the club. 


Card Collective, Monash (MCC)

Time & Venue

25 March 2020 06:00PM - 27 May 2020 06:00PM

Learning and Teaching Building