Chemistry Students, Society of (SoCS)



Do you ever catch yourself dancing to the tune of a phenol resonance drawing? Or perhaps you describe colours in terms of nanometres, instead of trivial terms like "red" or "blue"? Or maybe you prefer to cook with beakers and hot plates instead of pots and stoves?

If this sounds like you, then we are the club for you! With events to help connect you to other chemistry students and actual chemists, we strive to help every chemistry student find inner peace and purpose in life.

Aims & Objectives

Create a forum in which students can discuss their ideas and access relevant materials for their studies;

Give students opportunities to engage in chemistry experiments and better their skills with chemical instrumentation;

Provide students with information about careers, placement programs, honours, masters, PhD's in relation to chemistry;

Promote an interest in chemistry by helping other students expand their knowledge;

Ensure a safe environment for chemistry students both inside and outside the laboratory.

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