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We are Monash Association of Coding (we call ourselves "MAC" for short — yes like a Big MAC and a MACbook), and we invite you to join our club regardless of your degree, year level, and university! You can check out this link for a summary of who we are and what we do: monash.club/club-intro

Aims & Objectives

At MAC we are all about upholding these 5 values:

- Inclusivity → coding is for everyone, regardless of your gender, background, and experience!
- Collaboration → coding shouldn't be a lonely experience, and we're here to ensure that!
- Practicality → we want to help bridge the gap between theory and practical applications.
- Holistic → we're not just about coding — we're here to help you be ready for all types of tech-roles (whether it's product management, product design, software engineering, and more!)
- Ambition → we're here to help you reach your biggest dreams.

How do we uphold these values? Through our three pillars:

- Events → Our events run throughout the semester (expect at least 1 event a week!) and are all about giving you newfound knowledge that you can't just Google, and something tangible that you can take home and add to your portfolio (could be a new website or prototype!)
- Content → On our social media, you will find how-tos, resources, exclusive opportunities from our sponsors, and fun stuff to help break the tediousness of study.
- Community → Our lovely Discord community often have games nights, tech-related chats, career advice, and other wonderful conversations.

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