Criminology Student Association, Monash (CSA)



Welcome to the Criminology Student Association Club Page!

Established in 2019 by Monash's Criminology Students, the Criminology Student Association strives to wholeheartedly support Monash's Criminology Students; with a strong emphasis on bringing our students together and enriching their University experience, through social, academic, volunteer, work and networking opportunities.

Aims & Objectives

Our association aims to promote and bring further awareness to the study of Criminology - being the study of factors that cause criminal behaviour, and crime prevention - and share this knowledge with our members, to ensure our members are well supported academically throughout their Criminology studies. This has and will continue to be achieved, through the hosting of academic development based lectures, and career seminars.

Additionally, our association also aims to be open and inclusive; seeking to support the fostering of friendships and relationships throughout different year levels, as well as different faculties.

Our association holds a number of events throughout the year. From social events, such as picnics and movie nights, to professional development and career-based seminars to assist our member's in their future careers, we look forward to you joining our club and getting involved in all the incredible opportunities we have to offer!

Georgie, Ryan, Ally, Amanda, Che, Kyra, Gracie and Cat.

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Georgie Bristow