Criminology Student Association, Monash (CSA)




Welcome to The Criminology Student Associations Club Page!

Our Club aims at bringing our students together, to enrich and bring you new opportunities by providing a range of academic and social events through-out the year.

In these unprecedented times the way in which we bring you these events is changing, and we are working hard to ensure that your first year, second year, and beyond are interesting and engaging.

If you have any questions for us, or suggestions for online based activities that you would like to see us create, or even need held with navigating your new online classes, please send us a message at the email below, or contact us at any listed platform.


Any question, Any topic, Any time.

Lastly we know that meeting new people is impossible when you can only see each other through a zoom chat with lecturers watching, so we invite you to join us at the criminology discord hangout;


On behalf of Ally, Lucinda, Ash, Jasmine, Dani, Lachlan and Emma, we look forward to you joining our club and getting involved in all the incredible opportunities we have to offer.

Thank you,

The Monash Criminology Association

Aims & Objectives

Our here at the Criminology Student Association include;
 Supporting and engaging with all current criminology students as well as promoting alumni engagement;
 To facilitate industry connections and introduce students to future career paths; and
 To promote an interest in criminology as a course for future students.

Annual Membership (MSA Card)


Annual Membership (Non MSA Card)



Ally Varvarigos