Disney Society, Monash




And just as the Lion King begins, so too does your introduction into the Monash Disney Society. Welcome!

We are one of the largest non-academic club on campus, with hundreds of members signing up each year to join our fun time activities.

We host movie nights on-campus and off-campus throughout the year showcasing some of the greatest movies Disney have to offer. If you like to let loose and enjoy some Disney trivia and karaoke (at which we can ensure some fabulous back up singers!), or need some like-minded Disney On Ice fans — then we suggest you sign up! Or if you’ve been waiting for that one night where you can truly be a princess/prince (or potentially meet one ;) …) then we’ve got you covered with an enchanted Disney Ball in Semester 2!

So if you love Disney, love hanging with people who also love Disney, and can’t wait to have a year filled with Disney events, come sign up to the Monash Disney Society!

Aims & Objectives

(1)  Rekindling or promoting the appreciation and interest in all things Disney related, which in turn promotes the good virtues and values taught in Disney stories;

(2)  Upholding the morals seen throughout the Disney universe, such as respecting different peoples, inclusion and self-confidence;

(3)  Providing a forum for students to discuss the culture associated with Disney and their personal connection with it, meeting people with similar interests and developing bonds;

(4)  Hosting events related to the music, animation, movies, characters and history of Disney to allow students to relive their childhood; and

(5)  Hosting myriad events as a club that are related to the magic of Disney such as museum exhibitions, live shows, theatrical performances, movie screenings, orchestral evenings, balls and bar nights in an effort to provide a brief reprieve from the everyday stresses of university life, for a wide range of students.

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Nicolas Pallant (Secretary)