Film Society, Monash



"I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship..."

Welcome to Monash Film Society, where we both love and make films!
Film Society has something to offer everyone, from the casual viewer to the avid film fanatic. We have discussions, screenings, and even host an opportunity to get involved in a short film! If you're keen to make lots of friends and engage in some quality film appreciation and discourse, whether you're a film student or you just generally love film, then join us!

Gigi Samuel (President)
Mikaela Barker (Vice President)
Jeremiah Gonzago (Secretary)
Nick Bugeja (Treasurer)
Sarah Grace Chedra (Film Production Manager)

Feel free to contact anyone on the committee if you have any questions!

Aims & Objectives

The aims and objectives of the club shall be to:
(i) promote an interest in film and film studies, in particular foreign, art-house and Australian film;
(ii) provide a forum for film and media students, and students interested in these areas, to develop their skills related to film theory and making;
(iii) provide a platform for students to meet the other film students and to network within this area;
(iv) provide students with opportunities to develop their filmmaking skills; and
(v) educate members about film copyright responsibilities.

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