Labor Unity, Monash



The Monash Labor Unity Club is a new club created by passionate, progressive students at Monash University. We coordinate a number of events, initiatives and campaigns on campus that facilitate student involvement in the Australian Labor Party.

Our club was established to encourage student contributions to the bold, innovative and pragmatic ideas that should form the policy foundations for Labor campaigns and governments. Check out and consider contributing to our new publication ‘Consequences’.

We have also just founded a publication called ‘Consequences’ which will enable students to argue and articulate their views on the political debates that define Victoria and Australia.

We encourage students who may have struggled to find a political home at Monash to join our club and get involved!

Aims & Objectives

The Monash Labor Unity Club aims to promote student engagement with the Australian Labor Party alongside facilitating free, informed and meaningful discussion on Australia and Victoria's greatest policy challenges.

In particular we aim to introduce students to the moderate, pragmatic wing of the Labor Party.

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