Linguistics Society (LingSoc)



The Monash University Linguistics Society (LingSoc) is a club for
everyone interested in the whys and wherefores, how’s, when’s, what’s
and what-the-hell’s of language. Anyone with an appreciation for the
intricacies of language is welcome to join and participate in our
linguistics-related activities, including: word-based board games such
as Scrabble, movie screenings and the celebration of relevant holidays, as well as just language in general. For the Linguistics
students out there, we also occasionally run Linguistics workshops to
help with revision around exam time, but as previously mentioned,
anyone is more than welcome to come along and join in with our fun!

Aims & Objectives

The aims and objectives of the club shall be to

(i) Promote an understanding of Linguistics and the study of Language;

(ii) Provide an environment for Linguistics students to socialise outside of formal classes;

(iii) Raise an awareness of the many areas of Linguistic studies within the School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics;

(iv) Encourage students to consider how language affects every aspect of their lives; and

(v) Provide staff and students with a forum to present speeches and discussion groups on their study topics and areas of interest.

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Patrick Daitya