Engineering & Pharmaceutical Science Society, Monash (MEPSS)



MEPSS is a society for students of the Pharmaceutical Science / Chemical Engineering double degree at Monash.

We run social events, a student mentoring program, and regular training lunches -- all with the aim of fostering professional relations between students at both the Parkville and Clayton campuses, and with alumni of the course.

Aims & Objectives

The aims and objectives of MEPSS are to:

(i) Increase communications between students enrolled in B.E/B.Pharm.Sci by providing a social medium common to the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmacy Sciences;

(ii) Provide professional communications and to connect with organisations in the field of Pharmaceutical Engineering to undergraduate students;

(iii) Maintain communications with alumni of the double degree;

(iv) Represent the course to prospective students; and

(v) Provide academic representation for students of the double degree in discussions about the course structure.

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Acayla Naidoo, Secretary