Malaysian Students Union, Monash University (MUMSU)



Monash University Malaysian Students' Union (MUMSU) has grown to become one of Monash University's (Clayton campus) biggest non-faculty organisation. Formed in 1972, it prides itself as one of the most successful clubs running in the university with connections streaming all across different companies and universities throughout Victoria.

Here at MUMSU, we seek to not only represent all Malaysian students within Clayton, protect their rights and interests within Australia and strengthen the unity amongst all Malaysian students, but to also share the rich Malaysian culture and tradition embedded within us with the community around us.

As a non-profit students' union run by students, our activities and events are delicately catered not only for our fellow Malaysians but also for the local and other international students! Events we stage range from a variety of student services which include social functions, cultural activities, sporting as well as student welfare events which will ensure that your university life is genuinely enriched with priceless experiences and timeless memories!

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Aims & Objectives

The aims and objectives of the organization shall be:
a) To evoke a sense of national identity amongst Malaysian students in Monash and to promote and strengthen unity among them.
b) To create consciousness in Malaysian affairs amongst all students in Monash and in particular amongst Malaysian.
c) To protect the rights and interests of Malaysian students in Monash.
d) To promote better understanding between Malaysian and other students in Monash, epsecially those from neighbouring countries.

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Wayne Lim - President