Nursing Society, Monash Clayton (MCNS)



The Nursing Society is here at Monash Clayton and we want you to get involved!

Aims & Objectives

(1) Increasing communication between students enrolled in Bachelor of Nursing and Masters of Nursing by providing a social medium through which the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery can engage with at Clayton campus.

(2) Providing avenues for professional communication and connections with healthcare institutions in the Nursing profession to undergraduate students.

(3) Representing and assisting the faculty in promoting the course to prospective students.

(4) Providing academic representation for students in any discussions about changes to the course structure.

(5) Creating and maintaining a safe, student-run space for students to seek support and guidance from their peers, in relation to the course and any hardships they experience during it.

(6) Maintaining communication with Monash alumni as well as with the Peninsula nursing society Monash University Nursing Club, MCNC.

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