Progressive Law Network (Melbourne East Branch) (PLN East)



Passionate about effecting social and environmental change through the law, the Progressive Law Network (PLN) encourages university students from all disciplines to engage with legal challenges facing their communities. PLN strives to bring about positive change in the law by creating a forum for students, professionals and community advocacy organisations. We encourage the exchange of progressive legal ideas, and support students who are interested in pursuing alternative legal careers.


◼︎ Provide careers information for students interested in alternative legal careers, environmental law, human rights law and social justice.

◼︎ Foster connections between students, legal professionals and community advocacy organisations.

◼︎ Host panel events and seminars with guest speakers from alternative legal careers and advocacy organisations.

◼︎ Encourage students to utilise their university education to effect positive social change.

◼︎ Engage students with challenges faced by their communities.

◼︎ Encourage intelligent and informed legal activism and advocacy.


Catherine Pagliaro (President)
Stephanie Zhu (Vice-President)
Laura Woodbridge (Secretary)
Piper Blake (Treasurer)
Annie Ward-Ambler (Events)
Esther Khor (Careers)
Casey Duong (Marketing & Social Media)
Connor Miscamble (General Representative)
Danielle Attwood (General Representative)

Aims & Objectives

The aims and objectives of the club shall be to:

(i) Provide information to students and practitioners about progressive legal career paths in the environmental, human rights and social justice sectors;

(ii) Facilitate connections between legal students, professionals and community advocacy organisations;

(iii) Encourage law students and practitioners to utilise their law degrees as a tool to effect progressive social change;

(iv) Engage law students with their community and the challenges facing it while encouraging intelligent and informed legal activism/advocacy;

(v) Organise events to provide a forum for an exchange of views and opinions about new developments in alternative careers, environmental law, human rights law and other social justice related issues; and

(vi) Facilitate the sharing of information, ideas and other resources that relate to progressive developments in the law.

FACEBOOK: https://facebook.com/ProgressiveLawNetwork/

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/progressivelawnetwork

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/progressive-law-network/about/

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Catherine Pagliaro (President)