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The Monash University Philharmonic Society, more affectionately known as "the Phil", has its beginnings in 1982, as a humble string quartet. The quartet soon grew to become a string orchestra, then continued to expand into a full orchestra.

The Monash University Orchestra, as the Phil was then known, preceded the faculty-run School of Music orchestra. However, when the School of Music started up their orchestra in the early 1990's, negotiations saw a name change that confuses to this day; the School of Music ensemble became known as the "Monash University Orchestra", while the former MUO was renamed the "Monash Philharmonic Orchestra".

All the better for the name change, the Monash Philharmonic continued to flourish throughout its second decade, building its strength and reputation as an orchestra. In 2003, the Philharmonic decided to diversify to also include a symphonic wind band and a stage band, and the Monash University Philharmonic Society was born. The addition of these two ensembles more than doubled membership numbers, and introduced a new dynamic to the society. The Society also includes several smaller chamber-style ensembles, including a popular Celtic band.

Today, the Phil strongly promotes music within Monash University and the Monash area, regularly giving concerts on campus and in other venues nearby. We collaborate with other local music organizations, with the aim of establishing and strengthening ties within the local music community.

Aims & Objectives

(i) To promote ensemble music within the University;
(ii) To co-operate with other associations having similar objectives, including musical societies in other universities; and
(iii) To form, by a selection method to be defined by the committee, an ensemble or ensembles to represent the University in the public performance of ensemble music, both on campus and outside the University.

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