Photography Club, Monash (MPC)



“A good camera may capture the moment, but a great photographer will capture the story”.

As an MPC member, you get to participate in MPC’s events, ranging from social nights, trips, photowalks, annual competitions and much, much more.

We have weekly event and are based in Clayton. You should just join. We have brownies.

We offer event coverage services as well. Please refer to Nyasha at mpc@monashclubs.org.

Aims & Objectives

(i) Help others reach their full potential in photography;
(ii) Provide students with a casual and relaxed environment for them to do this in;
(iii) Provide an environment where students can be themselves and have a place where they can make friends and feel socially accepted; and
(iv) Promote an interest in photography, whether for beginners or
advanced photographers.

Annual Membership (MSA Card)


Annual Membership (Non MSA Card)