Radiation Students' Society, Monash



The Monash Radiation Students' Society (MRSS) is a club aimed at bringing together all radiation students through various social, academic and skill building events.
This year the club will be providing events such as Q&A panels with external speakers, professional development workshops, interactive social media events, a social ball and a bar crawl.

Aims & Objectives

(1) To connect Medical Radiations students together, providing academic and social support through peer mentoring
(2) To encourage interaction between Medical Radiations students, lecturers, tutors and demonstrators
(3) To provide Medical Radiations students with the opportunity for professional development in order to improve students’ employability in the workforce.
(4) To encourage Medical Radiations students to make connections and network with those involved in the field of Medical Radiations not only through academic activities but also through social functions

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President - Daniel Nguyen