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The College of St. Monica is a medieval and renaissance recreation club at Monash University. It is affiliated with the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), a worldwide medieval reenactment group that started as a backyard costume party and never stopped. The College has strong ties to the Barony of Krae Glas, a branch of the SCA covering the south-east of Melbourne, which derives much of its membership from graduates of Monash University.

The club does anything from heavy-armoured combat to calligraphy to sewing and medieval baking. We can be doing leather-working one session and talking about heraldry the next. Get ready to learn a lot of life-skills. Some more relevant than others.

We meet weekly at Monash Clayton Campus on Wednesday nights, 6pm - 9pm. Check our facebook page for updates on our location, and swing by as little or as much as you like, as often as you feel comfortable.

Starting at 7:30pm, heavy-combat training will commence on the lawn underneath the large TV on C1. Just behind campus centre. Keep an eye out for updates as training may cancel due to weather.

Aside from the weekly meetings, the College and the Barony host Tournament and Feast events. These are our "dress-up" events where everyone gets into garb(costume) and may or may not use a fancy medieval name. The events vary in scale, but most include food of some sort, fighting, and maybe some dancing and signing.

Aims & Objectives

We aim to provide an environment in which you can research and recreate any aspect of pre-1600 Europe that you find interesting, from sword fighting to brewing and dancing.

Additionally, we wish to provide support and contacts for anyone wishing to:
- Learn about medieval and renaissance life, skills, and crafts. Anything goes.
- Become involved with SCA Australia and "play" as their own unique pre-1600 persona.
- Just have a place to relax and pick up random hobbies after a long assignment grind.

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