Socio-Economic Engagement & Development (SEED)



SEED is a student initiative that seeks to make sustainable social change through economic means. Essentially, we seek to educate students about Microfinance (MF) and Social Enterprise (SE), and equip them to use their skills to make positive social impact.

We hope to recruit driven and socially minded members, and provide them with opportunities to engage with MF and SE through guest speakers, events and hands on experiences.

Aims & Objectives

Raise awareness of Microfinance; the provision of financial services to low-income individuals or groups who would otherwise have no access to these vital services.

Raise awareness of Social Entreprise; the notion of running a self-sustainable non-loss business to address a social objective instead of pursuing commercial gain.

To encourage students to assist and facilitate the fulfilment of the objectives of NGOs that are involved in Microfinance and Social Enterprise.

To equip students with the relevant and transferable career skills in the areas of management, administration and business development that will enable them to effectively engage in the global stage of Microfinance and pursue the broader goals of poverty alleviation.

To create an unbound environment which allows students to collaboratively generate, fund, develop and implement real business ideas to improve the socio-economic conditions; on a local, national and an international level.

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Sarah Adlawan, Secretary