VGen is the youth movement of World Vision Australia. VGen's goal is to inspire, educate and empower young people about worldwide issues of social injustice and poverty. We campaign and raise awareness in partnership with World Vision Australia.

Aims & Objectives

(i) To inspire, educate and empower young people of the injustice of poverty and slavery.
(ii) To make a difference at a grass-roots level, working with people of all backgrounds, cultures, faiths, and genders to achieve transformation in eliminating poverty and its causes.
(iii) To change and influence the community to engage in ethical and informed choices involving fair-trade, health and ethical consumerism.
(iv) Work within the University in a productive, positive and harmonious way to espouse World Vision's philosophy, such as the importance of sustainable living, commitment to the poor and the recognition of the inherent values of all people.

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