Working In Leading Development For Indigenous and Rural Education (WILDFIRE)

WILDFIRE was established in 1993 by Monash University School of Rural Health (SRH) and is a branch of the National Rural Health Student Network (NRSHN). The membership includes clinical and pre-clinical medical students as well as nursing students and allied health students.

Becoming a WILDFIRE member is the best way to get involved in rural health at Monash University.

To become a member of WILDFIRE visit www.wildfirerhc.org.

Aims & Objectives

1. Foster relations between all students and health professionals interested in rural and Indigenous health and culture
2. Facilitate discussion, action and reporting/research on all rural and Indigenous matters amongst the student body and with our affiliates.
3. Develop and maintain a multi-disciplinary approach.
4. Support students during their educational life span through their rural and Indigenous experiences.
5. Encourage a long term commitment to living and working in rural areas of Australia.

Annual Membership (MSA Card)


Annual Membership (Non MSA Card)