Committee Membership and Management (previously Committees 101)

Committee Membership and Management (previously Committees 101)

This training is MANDATORY for the following office bearers: President, Vice President, Secretary
This training is RECOMMENDED for the following office bearers: Treasurer

This training is OPTIONAL for all other committee members 

All newly elected Executive Office Bearers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) must fulfil certain training requirements to induct you to your role.  For C&S Presidents, Vice Presidents and Secretaries, this training is completed online as part of the University's 'Leap into Leadership Online' (LiLO) modules.

For Presidents, Vice-Presidents and Secretaries this unit is called 'Committee Membership and Management' (previously known as Committees 101). 

Note: as part of the induction process it is only mandatory for the above positions to complete 'Committee Membership and Management'.  However office bearers are encouraged to complete any other LiLO modules that may be of interest.  Each module is practical, straightforward and fun and best of all they are free.

Each module takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and there are no formal assessments to hand in. 

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MSA Clubs & Societies / Student Leadership Development

Time & Venue

01 January 2024 09:00AM - 31 December 2024 05:00PM

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