Hygienic Practices for Food Safety

Hygienic Practices for Food Safety

Preparing and handling food hygiencally is essential for ensuring food is safe to eat.  An understanding of hygienic practices ensures both personal and food hygiene is observed in food handling.  These practices prevent food poisoning from occuring and are essential for any role working with or near food. 

Not only is this course ideal for those clubs considering a self-catered event, upon completion students will be issued with a Statement of Attainment which is valuable to those seeking work in the hospitality industry. 

This course is currently being run remotely via Zoom as well as being offered Face-to-Face.  

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Monash Student Association Training and Professional Development

Time & Venue

01 January 2024 09:00AM - 31 December 2024 05:00PM

Currently being offered online via Zoom and Face-to-Face.