RPG One-Shots (Feb)

Come play D&D and other tabletop Role Playing Games (ttRPG) with us! New/Prospective members welcome! read more


MURP - Monash University Roleplayers (Role Players (MURP))

Time & Venue

12 February 2020 06:00PM

Clayton Campus

Nerdstravaganza 2020

Come one come all, to the greatest gathering of special interest clubs in Monash history. 11 clubs will be showcasing their club activities for all to come and try. Tournaments, trivias and movie sceenings along with free pizza the Friday of O-week. read more


Monash Card Collective, Monash Boardgames Society, Monash Uni Roleplayers, Fantasy & Sci-fi, Monash Electronic Gaming, Society of Creative Anachronism, Monash Mahjong, Monash Disney Society, Monash Creative Writers, Society of Anime and Manga Appreciation (Card Collective, Monash (MCC))

Time & Venue

28 February 2020 10:00AM

Learning and Teaching Building