Updates to C&s operations

The University has outlined changes to planned University activities in response to the ongoing developments surrounding the novel coronavirus emergency. 
These changes will have an impact on the planned operations, events, activities and services of clubs & societies.
This page will serve as an up-to-date source of information about the impact of university arrangements on club operations, as well as the C&S and MSA resources and support available to clubs.  

Jul - Dec 2019 Audit Submission

Extended until Tuesday 17th March, 2020 for submission of physical and online Audit documents. Clubs are still able to submit earlier, where possible.
2020 Annual Registration Pack
To re-register the club and maintain C&S affiliation, the completed 'Registration Pack' will be due on or before Thursday 9 April, 2020
Club Annual General Meeting (AGM) or Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) due to be held in March
Clubs needing to hold elections at an AGM or a by-election at an EGM during March 2020 to comply with  constitutional requirements have been approved to hold their elections in either the month of March, or the month of April and still have the election results recognised. 

Status of club events, activities and services

All club events and activities, both on campus and off campus, must be delayed until 16 March 2020. This includes all camps, orientation activities or any other event, wherever the venue. Orientation Festival and all Orientation Activities have also been postponed until further notice. 

The above directive from the University must be striclty adhered to. Failure to cancel or postpone a planned event will likely result in the club being found guilty of club misconduct under Section 7.1.1.(ii) of the C&S constitution and penalties can apply. The C&S constitution and regulations can be found here

Status of C&S Events, Activities and Services

This directive of the university will also have an impact on the delivery of services by C&S. Until further notice: 
-  The C&S Training Day has been postponed, with no new date yet confirmed. 
-  All C&S Workshops (including Audit and Treasurer Workshops) have been suspended.
-  The C&S Meeting Room will be unavailable for club bookings. Clubs are encouraged to                     use online mediums, such as Skype, to facilitate their meetings. 
C&S understands that the lack of access to important resources may leave clubs and club leaders uncertain. If you require any assistance with day-to-day club operations, please do not hesitate to email enquiries@monashclubs.org or call the C&S Office on 9905 4159.   

Support for clubs

C&S is currently undertaking an Impact Survey (which has been sent to all club emails) to understand the extent to which our clubs are impacted by these changes. This survey is mandatory and clubs should complete it by 5pm on Thursday 06/02/202. The support that our clubs recieve will be informed by the results.
C&S is also currently exploring the feasibility of a Compensation Scheme and online memberships platforms for our clubs. Clubs should not take it upon themselves to sell memberships online. 

Updates for all other msa services and events

For up-to-date information on all other MSA affected services and events, please visit https://msa.monash.edu/msaupdates