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2018 Australian Institute of Physics Careers Night

Posted by Adrian Lam (Society for Physics, Astro & Maths) on 01 October 2018

Physics students learn what it takes to develop their careers from academic and industry representatives.

Following from the success of the 2015 AIP Careers Night, the Victorian Branch of the Australian Institute of Physics, alongside student societies from La Trobe, Monash, and Melbourne Universities, have organised another student run Careers night.

The careers night was open for free to all students across Victoria studying physics from undergraduates to postgraduates. The night consisted of a Q & A panel with members from both industry and academia talking about their careers and answering questions from the students. Catering with hot food and drinks was also provided at the Rendezvous Hotel venue.

A significant aspect of this event was to provide physics students with the opportunity to network with our sponsors who also attended the event as potential employers. Another benefit for students who attended the event was the chance to gain a wider perspective about future pathways and also to discover the vacation and graduate programs that will help them jump start their careers.

A total of over 300 students from various universities attended this year’s event, which made it a huge success for all the clubs and sponsors who helped organise the event. It likely that this event will be organised again in the future, with discussions about finding a larger venue already underway.

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