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ACYA's Second Annual 'If You Are The Voice' Competition

Posted by Andrea Au and Jessica Ly on 20 September 2016

If You Are the Voice, in its second year running, is an undefeated constant success, raking out true hidden talent within the Monash community.

Weeks of hard work, blood, sweat and tears went into preparation for this major event. ACYA has worked not only within the local community but with large name sponsors to bring to you an explosive night of talent. Every year, we shine the light on hidden talent within the community. If you want the platform to be able to perform for a crowd and the chance to win your own recording studio experience, ACYA is able to offer you that opportunity with our talent search event If You Are the Voice. If You Are the Voice challenge singers of Monash to put themselves to the test and to step out their comfort zones. With no other event like it on campus, we bring the best of fun competition and enjoyable tunes into one amazing event.

Integrating with our values to not only educate youth about Sino-Australian relations. Our people-to-people team worked endlessly to implement innovative events reflective of the Chinese culture and to a local Australian front.

Through a selective audition process, we were able to pick out 8 of the best singers, both consisting of local and international students, all of whom were able to showcase their singing abilities. The Chinese Orchestra opened up the stage for our 2016 contestants and the pressure was amped up and tensions were running high. Throughout the night, a plethora of melodies and genres were demonstrated by our contestants and the audience and judges all had a say on who the final winner should be. It was a great night for both the audience and contestants alike with some amazing performances.

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