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Biomed Electives Information Session

Posted by Andrew Maxwell (Monash Biomedical Society) on 26 October 2017

A night for academics and students to communicate about the electives available to Biomedical Science students.

The Electives information Session was held on Monday the 2nd of October, in the R1 Lecture Theatre. Given that R1 is one of the largest lecture halls at Monash’s Clayton campus with a capacity of 327 people, it was pleasing to see that the event was well attended. Students were invited to get a taste for all of the electives that are available to them in 2018. The intention of the event was to help students with the difficult task that is sieving through the plethora of electives that are on offer to them, and to help them make a well informed decision that they will be glad of next year.

The audience was composed largely of first year and second year students, with many third year students moving on from Biomedical Science next year. It was testing for some to make it to the event, with the event closely following a mid-semester test. As mentioned before however, students turned up in large numbers, invited by both the content of the presentation, and the catering on offer. Given that the event was held at 6:30pm many students were hungry, and the Subway sandwich platters didn’t last long.

The event started promptly at 6:30pm, with Associate Professor Craig Smith opening the discussion with the DEV units that are available to them. Over the course of the evening students heard from representatives of the physiology, microbiology, pharmacology, immunology, biochemistry, and biomedical elective units (BME). Students were also given a general rundown of the course structure by course coordinator Associate Professor Yvonne Hodgson, and informed about the 3990 units by Doctor Shae Cox. We are pleased to report that the event finished on time, and afterwards students were welcome to ask the presenters questions.

Given the large success of the event, and largely positive student feedback, we look forward to running the event again next year. 

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