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CCA 2017 Careers Guide

Posted by Catherine Sim (Computing & Commerce Association) on 04 May 2017

A detailed yet concise companion for career-minded students!

The Computing and Commerce Association (CCA) began the 2017 Orientation Festival with a bang, with the launch of the CCA Careers Guide!

CCA recognises that in today’s competitive graduate landscape, it’s no longer enough for students to simply work through their course, graduate and expect to find a job with ease. Instead, the onus is on students to take proactive steps in developing the knowledge, skill set and experience that employers look for in ideal candidates. Thus, CCA has put together the 2017 Careers Guide - a handy publication that helps students learn about applications, the industry and career pathways.

The Careers Guide is intended as a companion to help students in applying for internship and graduate opportunities. It can be kept by the reader’s side as a reference throughout the whole application process, from searching for firms all the way to the interview stage.

It provides an overview of the major players in the Business and Technology industries, with the graduate and internship opportunities they offer as well as guidelines on applying for each firm. For extra usability, firms in the publication are sorted based on their industry. Information on resume building. the application process and interview tips are also featured in the booklet.

Physical copies of the Careers Guide were in high demand and limited supply, meaning that not everyone was able to get their hands on a hard copy. However, a digital version will soon be available on CCA’s website!

The launch of the Careers Guide integrates with CCA’s aim to ‘foster a link between the professionals of today and the professionals of tomorrow’ and to smooth the transition between university and professional life.

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