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Calligraphy Night

Posted by Fiona La (Monash Japanese Club) on 08 May 2017

Japanese Club members brush up on their calligraphy skills.

The Monash Japanese Club hosted an event dedicated to the art of calligraphy, to build on our members experiences of Japanese culture.

So, what exactly is calligraphy? Calligraphy, or shodō in Japanese, is a traditional part of Japanese culture where an ink-dipped brush is used artistically to create Chinese Kanji and Japanese kana.

To teach us this art, volunteer teachers from our sponsor Japaneasy came in and demonstrated the steps needed to achieve beautiful Japanese characters with just a brush and ink. Though it may have been difficult to get used to writing this way at first, with some practice, our members were able to create stunning works of art by the end of the night.

Furthermore, with the teachers all being Japanese, Calligraphy Night not only allowed for a deepening in understanding of Japanese culture but also a chance to improve language skills as well. It was an enjoyable night which allowed for the development of friendships through a mutual interest in Japanese culture.

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