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Card Collective Participates in Magic Grand Prix

Posted by Luke Silveira (Monash Card Collective) on 30 June 2018

This year the Monash Card Collective competed in the Sydney Magic Grand Prix, as we have the previous two years. We entered three teams of 3 players this year with outstanding results.

Thursday night we convened at Avalon airport in order to fly up to Sydney and kick off the weekend.

The Grand Prix started on Friday with practice and side events, which was a relaxing start to the weekend before getting into the main event. On Saturday our teams did very well, with 2 of them making it through to Sunday and the last team dropped out after the first few rounds to compete in side-events, which they had some success in.

On Sunday the Main event continued with our remaining two teams battling their way through the pack to finish 29th and 14th out of 350 teams, which is an excellent result with our 14th placed team taking home cold hard cash!! The other members that were there continued to play side events which they also had some success in winning a couple of them.

When we weren’t at the GP, we were off eating delicious food or playing more magic back at the hostel. This made for an overall very fun and enjoyable weekend that everyone would definitely want to participate in again

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