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Chado Tea Ceremony

Posted by Patrick Lieu (Monash Japanese Club) on 12 September 2018

Japanese club members experience authentic Chado tea ceremony.

On the 17th of August 2018, the Monash Japanese Club hosted its inaugural Japanese Tea Ceremony. Qualified tea ceremonials from Chado Urasenke Melbourne, an organisation with an established history with the Australia-Japan Society Victoria (ASJV), demonstrated and provided lectures based of the cultural history in the art of Japanese Tea ceremonies.

Eventually participants were able to attempt various traditions part of the culture themselves, such as tea making, Japanese cloth (fukusa) folding and even ways to sit and different levels of bowing that indicate relative levels of respect towards others in a Tea ceremony.

For an inaugural event, it was considered a great success with our participants happily enjoying an authentic Japanese cultural experience and learning with a newfound respect of the culture. This was further facilitated through translation and conveying of the event in both English and Japanese. This in turn, also provided an outside of classroom learning environment for Japanese learners.

At the ending of the event, the presenters and volunteers alike were gifted delicious hand-made Matcha (Green tea flavoured) cookies from our Club President Jessica Yao, as a show of appreciation for their time and tutelage.

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