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Demystifying FYPs

Posted by Sophie Lennard (Monash Environmental Engineering Society) on 12 September 2018

Past students discuss their experiences with FYPs, offering guidance to students about the semester-long process.

On Tuesday Week 6 we held our annual Final Year Project (FYP) information night. The evening involved past students discussing their experiences undergoing their FYP, providing tips in the hopes their mistakes wont be repeated, and offering guidance about the semester-long process. This was followed by a networking event among students and speakers, over some delicious Thai food.

We heard from six great speakers. Kara Robinson gave an introduction to FYPs and pointers for how to find a good supervisor. Will Wilson spoke about his experience completing an FYP over two semesters, and how to stay motivated when working on a year-long project. We heard from Nick Seymore, who partnered with Healsville Core and Monash Buildings and Properties for his project. He discussed working with an external partner, and the challenges and opportunities that come with completing an FYP that directly impacts a community. Giving a global perspective, Bharathy Shamugam spoke about completing her FYP with Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Australia. Finally, Rachael Welling and Ashley Wah spoke about CIV4212: Civil and Environmental Practice, a capstone unit that simulates professional practice for final-year Civil and Environmental Engineering students.

The highlight of the evening was the variety of experiences that the speakers shared, and their stories of overcoming challenges they met along the way. A major takeaway was that all FYPs are unique, and that if we put in hard work and find a topic we are about, it can be a highly rewarding experience. This event was popular among environmental engineering students across all levels, particularly those just about to begin their FYP. The project can be a daunting undertaking for engineering students, and many were eager to know what to expect.

Given the success of the night and positive feedback we have received, we will aim to hold the event again next year, working towards expanding the night to attract more civil, resources and chemical engineering students. 

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