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Enviros: An evening with Industry

Posted by William Wilson (Monash Environmental Engineering Society) on 05 October 2017

Enviros from Industry returned to pass on their wisdom to eagerly listening students.

During Week 2 the Environmental Engineering Society hosted its second encounter with industry for the year. Three keynote speakers presented their experiences beyond university studies. Frank Chang, the brand new head of environmental engineering at Monash, kicked things off by presenting his career to date. His work has spanned from Taiwan to Singapore and now to here at Monash. Tim Werner, an environmental engineering tutor, spoke next. Having completed both his bachelor and PhD in environmental engineering at Monash, Tim had a wealth of knowledge to share about the experience of an academic pathway. The final speaker, Lotte Hoekstra, was a young professional consultant who joined AECOM after completing her masters at the University of Melbourne. Her presentation highlighted yet another area of work common for environmental engineers. Upon the conclusion of the formal presentations, pizza was served and all the students were able to chat further with the speakers.

Our speakers once again encountered inquisitive minds and enthusiasm from their environmental engineering audience. The attendees learned a great deal about the opportunities a degree in environmental engineering can offer and about future directions they may like to pursue. Students included final year students as well as up and coming 2nd years new to environmental engineering who also got to meet some fellow enviros.

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