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Enviros’ Night Out with Industry

Posted by Kara Robinson (Monash Environmental Engineering Society) on 09 May 2017

The enviros’ first night out with industry was fun, engaging, informative and eye-opening.

The Monash Environmental Engineering Society Industry Night featured three keynote speakers, including a research leader with a wealth of knowledge and experience from CSIRO and two recent graduates from VicRoads and DELWP. The event began with serving pizzas as a refreshment for attendees, allowing students to meet committee members and network with the speakers. It was then followed by engaging 15-20 minute presentations, the theme being “What I do at my workplace”. Each of the speakers provided context to the jobs they were involved in, their experience and responsibilities, their working environment and useful career tips for students.

Students who attended the event found it a great night. Among the attendees were a few 2nd years new to environmental engineering who made new friends, and got to meet committee members and senior students who shared their experiences about the degree. Students also got to interact with the speakers after the presentations who further elaborated on their roles and offered advice on finding jobs. The attendees learned a great deal about the opportunities a degree in environmental engineering can offer and gained much industry exposure.

At the end of the day everyone left with inspiring knowledge and ideas to ponder on! 

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