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FEM Launch Industry Guide

Posted by Pujita Mukesh (Female Engineers at Monash) on 06 September 2018

Industry representatives present for the launch of the 2018 FEM Industry Guide.

The annual Industry Guide Launch is one of the central events for the Female Engineers at Monash (FEM). It is an academic and social networking session where students are able to talk with representatives from various companies of all fields of engineering.

 The guide itself contains insightful and inspirational material, highlighting companies that advocate for gender diversity. It entails advertisements that are submitted by companies for potential job opportunities as well as interviews with current students.

This year on the 6th of August, representatives from companies such as Wood, Accenture, LXRA, AECOM attended the event where students were able to network and gain valuable insight in working for an engineering firm. Held in the New Horizons Building, two round table discussion sessions were held where students were able to ask questions and gain tips on interview skills and cover letter writing.

This event has proven to be not only valuable for students but companies alike and will continue to be an important event run by FEM.

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