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Japanese Travel Night

Posted by Chris Ziros (Monash Japanese Club) on 27 April 2017

Teriyaki Burgers and exchange programs on the menu for the Japanese Club Travel Night.

As a club focused on culture and language, the Monash Japanese Club shared interesting and important travel tips for those who are keen on experiencing the diversity of Japan.

With guest speakers sharing their stories and opinions on a range of travel methods including, but not limited to, Exchange in Japan, Japanese Exchange Teaching program, internships in Japan, working holiday and general travel/sightseeing, students gained a unique perspective of travel in Japan.

Due to Japan’s unique culture, people and attractions, it is a popular place to visit or work in. The Japanese Exchange Program (JET) is an opportunity for English speakers to teach English in Japan for a period of 1 or 2 years and was the main focus of the information session. Furthermore, we had guest speakers discuss their personal experiences, focusing on sightseeing in Japan, how to get around using public transport and bullet trains, and recommendations on what to see.

Following the presentations, club members had the opportunity to socialize with each other and were treated to teriyaki burgers, a popular Japanese delicacy.

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