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MAMEC Members Become Pilots for a Day

Posted by Ananda Chu (Monash Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Club) on 18 October 2018

Students take to the skies and return to earth during MAMEC Flying Day.

Sixteen very lucky members of the Monash Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Club (MAMEC) took the controls of a Sling 2 light aircraft. Under supervision of the instructors, they were able to take off, make steep turns and even land the aircraft.

The day commenced at 9am where the 16 participants were given a mass briefing from Flying Instructors, Learn to Fly, introducing them to basic theories of lift production, the effects of control and pilot etiquette, better known as airmanship

Then it was time to fly! Students were taken two at a time by qualified flying instructors on board the Sling 2, where they commenced their trial introductory flight. Farbod Torabi, one of the participants said the experience was “an awesome feeling doing steep 2G turns myself, something I’ll remember for the rest of my life.” Farbod is now pursuing a recreational pilot license off the back of his experience at this event.

After completing the flights, students were free to proceed to the Australian National Aviation Museum. They were able to get up close and personal with many iconic aircraft of the 20th century, including the McDonnell Douglas DC-9, Boeing 737, General Dynamics F-111 and Lockheed Electra aircraft. They were also able to sit in the cockpit of these planes. Students were also able to see older propulsion systems, such as the Pratt and Whitney JT-9D turbofan used on the Boeing 747-100.

All students loved the experience and went home with a smile on their face. The participants payed a highly reduced $85 for the whole experience which would normally cost over $200.

MAMEC would like to sincerely thank MSA Clubs & Societies for providing a huge financial grant, Learn to Fly for their services and the Australian National Aviation Museum for offering discounted tickets to our members. Flight Day 2018 would not be possible without the support of these parties.  

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