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Monash Debaters take Queensland

Posted by Ovi Rajasinghe (Monash Association of Debaters) on 03 October 2017

The Monash Association of Debaters (MAD) travelled to the University of Queensland for the biggest intervarsity debating championship in the Australasian region.

MAD has a proud history of debating success and excitement on the intervarsity debating circuit, and this year’s Australasian Intervarsity Debating Championships (“Australs”) was no different.

Six teams of three, and five adjudicators, held their own against some of the best speakers in Australia, New Zealand, and the Asian circuit. With many MADdies travelling up to the Gold Coast prior to the tournament, we had the chance to trade the gloomy Melbourne winter for some Queensland sun (and theme parks!).

The tournament itself was eventful, with eight rounds followed by a finals series. Some of the motions debated included ‘That we support the mobilisation of a Shia militia against the Islamic State’ and ‘That the state should compensate individuals who are found not guilty at trial.’ The most exciting night of the tournament was, as always, break night – when everyone finds out who made finals and who didn’t.

While MAD unfortunately did not break to the extremely competitive finals, we are all incredibly proud of everyone’s achievements. While our debating success might ebb and flow, we are a family that we are all incredibly proud of.

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