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Music Through Time

Posted by Ryan Aun (Monash University Choral Society) on 09 October 2018

The Choral Society reflects on Semester One rehearsals, leading up to their season concert. 

Each semester, the Monash University Choral Society hires a Conductor to lead the chior in weekly rehearsals, rehearsal camps, and of course, to bring to the stage, the seasonal choral productions.

For the last couple of years, MonUCS owes its musical excellence the hard work and undying enthusiasm of Mr Robert Dora, an experienced conductor, musical director, music educator and composer who has a long history in the performing arts, both on and off stage. He is currently the Chief Conductor of the Australian & Asian Orchestra, Melbourne Lawyers' Orchestra, the Monash Medical Orchestra as well as conducting MonUCS.

In rehearsal, it is the conductors job to know the music, teaching each section their parts and layering them on top of each other while keeping careful notice of the formation of harmonies, dynamic and tempo within the group. Rob helps each member become a better musician, coaching in proper vocal technique, with exercises to improve our performance.

However, Rob doesn’t only help on stage and in rehearsal, as a MonUCS conductor also works closely with the club committee in selecting a theme and repertoire for each concert season, that showcases the group’s talent, and most of all, is fun to perform.

This season the hard work was obvious when MonUCS brought to stage a technically excellent and endearing show in Monash Clayton’s new Learning and Teaching Building, titled ‘Music Through Time’.

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